CREF Webinar | Compost: Carbon Sequestration & Climate Change

  • Wed, June 16, 2021
  • 1:00 PM
  • online

CREF WEBINAR - Compost: Carbon Sequestration & Climate Change

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* Certification CEU Credits are available for attendees. Minimum 1 credit will be awarded for participants with up to 1.5 CEU's possible depending on the quality of discussion. Verification Form

With all the buzz in the news about carbon sequestration, greenhouse gas emissions and soil health, it is imperative for compost operators, compost marketers, municipalities, and consultants to understand where composting and compost itself fit into climate change issues.  Composting can be a critical component in addressing global climate change.  

This webinar will cover the carbon cycle as it relates to composting organic wastes, and the sequestration of carbon in soils when finished compost is applied back to the land.  The webinar will discuss factors that affect the ability of soils to sequester carbon from composts, as well as the effect of that sequestered carbon to promote soil health, and will discuss current methods for quantifying soil carbon, and its benefits in compost-amended soils.  We will cover some potential carbon debits, such as methane and nitrous oxide emissions, that may need to be controlled during composting to ensure the maximum benefit of composting to composters’ total carbon footprint.  Finally, the webinar will briefly discuss some of the existing models for estimating greenhouse gas debits and credits from the composting process and from compost use.

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