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STAR's Bin Grant Program
 is sponsored in part by Busch Systems, whose support enables us to provide grants to applicants. Texas schools, small businesses, and other entities, such as non-profits and local governments, can apply to receive brand new Busch Systems bins to help expand or start a recycling program. 

The grants each offer up to Waste Watcher bins, 40 28-quart desk-side recycling bins, and 40 hanging waste bins with lids.

By providing desk-side recycling and larger central collection bins, an organization can start or expand a recycling program through the support of Busch Systems! 

Busch Systems has been passionately delivering recycling and waste solutions for over 30 years and is the #1 rated brand in the industry according to Trustpilot. Having started as a curbside bin manufacturer, they have since moved their focus to centralized stations and consulting services.

** STAR members receive an extra 10 points towards their application scoring! If you are not already part of our alliance,  join STAR now!

2021 Important Dates:

Opening Webinar: August 11th, 11am CDT

Applications open: Aug. 11th–Sept. 11th

Winners will be announced in October

Bins will be delivered in November

2020 Bin Grants

See photos of our 2020 winners and their bins here.

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