STAR Webinar: Rethinking and Repackaging the Three 3 R's—Creating a Culture of Composters and Recyclers at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in 2020

  • Tue, March 31, 2020
  • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • online

Rethinking and Repackaging the Three 3 R's—Creating a Culture of Composters and Recyclers at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in 2020

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Join the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center's Natural Resources and Education teams for a webinar about their robust composting, recycling and education programs.

Fossil Rim is a non-profit in Glen Rose, Texas, that specializes in captive breeding programs for indigenous and exotic endangered and threatened species. Open to the public for more than 30 years, the park spans 1,800 acres and has more than 1,100 animals. It also has lodging, a cafe, children's animal center and a store. Fossil Rim is located between Ft. Worth & Waco, about 50 miles west of I-35.


  • Caitlin Pyle- Natural Resources Manager and Water/Wastewater Operator 
  • Vanessa Hays - Natural Resources Specialist and Compost Facility Operator 
  • Andrew Bullard - Reserved Programs Supervisor - Education Department 

The team will discuss:

  1. Innovative ways they divert waste and recycling and how important composting is to their mission;
  2. Their cafeteria scraps composting program in the Glen Rose ISD for 3rd-to-8th graders, with the goal of creating future composters; and
  3. Their unique immersive sustainability programming, including how their Education Department has made natural resources conservation "just as cool as animal conservation!!"

The team will share the "adjustments we've made to keep up with the changing times and thinking outside the box ways of reducing and diverting what we can from the Landfill," says Caitlin Pyle. She explains further, "What makes Fossil Rim such a special story, in my mind, isn't our drive to persevere with recycling in our small rural town in Texas, but how we really work to triple our impact through innovative immersive educational programming that directly compliments what we do behind the scenes and in our community."

Andrew Bullard will discuss their Education Department's new immersive programming for students from 3rd grade to college age, which will be unveiled April 1st. One of the new programs is called, "Keeping up with the Conservationists," in which students stay for a range of 4 hours to a multiple-night stay at Fossil Rim. The program covers topics such as recycling, upcycling, local-to-worldwide landfill and recycling rates, vermicomposting, large scale composting, groundwater and wastewater, wind and solar energy, and more, all through discussion, games, art, competition, hands on, or field trips.

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